03.05.2019 - 18.05.2019 19:00

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the moon landing the class Chevalier presents itself on a large scale. Works of the current class as well as former students will be shown to show how painting has developed over the last 250 years from the Abulie to the moon landing.

Opening: Friday, 3 May 2019, 7 p.m.
Duration: 04.05.-18.05.2019
Opening hours: Mo-Sa 14-19 o'clock

My former teacher Prof. Chevalier emeritus and we pay him the honor with a last exhibition of (almost) all his previous pupils. In any case it will be very interesting.

Translated with

"Salto rückwärts"

  Retrospective 2017



  Joint exhibition

  Vernissage: Fr_12.01.18_19.30h

"As freedom of speech gives you the right to stay silent"

Einzelausstellung/ Neuer Kunstverein Regensburg


Vernissage: 18.Januar 2018 / 19h